Do you offer a framing service?

If you purchase a print from this site and you would like to have it framed also, just let us know and we will organize a list of bespoke framing options for you.

Which Photo Mounting Material Should I Use?

To assist you with deciding which option to use – we will try and explain the benefits of each option. Unless you have a particular style you like, mounting and framing is a great option that works well with all prints. We would suggest archival mount board with a wood or aluminum frame, along with museum glass. Anti-reflection picture framing glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection is the best glazing option available for keeping artwork from degrading from light, as well as the best way to view your images.
To help you decide which material to use, if not choosing that, we have prepared a chart that outlines the relative benefits of each substrate. 

 Substrate  Weight   Max Size   Rigidity  Durability  Archival?
 Card  Ultra-light  1500 x1280 mm  Poor  Poor  Yes
 Foamex  Light  3000 x 2000 mm  Poor  Good  No
 Foamboard  Ultra-light  2440 x 1220 mm  OK  Poor  No
 MDF  Heavy  3000 x 1512 mm  Excellent  Excellent  No
 Aluminium  Medium Light  3000 x 2000 mm  Good  Excellent  Yes
 Dibond  Light  3000 x 2000 mm  Excellent  Excellent  Yes
 Kapamount  Light  3050 x 1530 mm  Good  Good  Yes
 Acrylic  Medium-Heavy  3000 x 2000 mm  Good  Excellent  Yes